Saturday, December 12, 2009

SMASH N GRAB and Scoop the Mc

Last night I went to see my boy Scoop and the Band SmashNGrab Last night at the Sequahana Bank Center in Camden.The show was off the hook, they bring a rock and hip hop vibe to the table...soulful Linkin Park if I may say.The members are (R. Chambers- guitar/keyboard/vocals
Brandon 'b_silent' Hicks- guitar/percussion
Daniel 'Bassy' Curcio- bass/vocals
Jamison- drums/percussion
DJ JayDee-turntables
Scoop-featured Lyricist)

Scoop who is truly a MC brought the Lyrical fire power that made your neck nod even harder. This is what not just hip hop needs right now but music in general! These people are not afraid to make just plain ol' good ass music! Scoop has a cd out if u would like to check him out..its on itunes right now COMN3 go download it is definitely worth it!..
your truly,
Black Collar

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Making Shit Happen!

Im sittin here wit Scoop The MC, Kojo aka Fresh Collar, my nigga Ray aka The Marketing Genius. We bout to go chill wit my nigga Jerz aka Jirou Street...bout to talk about how we gonna attack the game from every angle! Dig stay tuned!
-Black Collar Biz

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DJ Ra-Lee..THroWBAck!

LibZ THroW Back!!!! WATCH THIS!!

Remake of the Rain Beat! By Black Collar

Failure's Not an Option!

zSHARE - Thoro-Ft-Toda and Nails.mp3

zSHARE - Thoro-Ft-Toda and Nails.mp3

Trenton's Own DJ Sharp! Making a Beat

IM Tired Track!!

[URL=]I_m Tired.mp3[/URL]

zSHARE - Gotta Survive.mp3

zSHARE - Gotta Survive.mp3

New Track from..Capitol Hill Mixtape!

Coming Soon!

zSHARE - switchSyders.mp3

zSHARE - switchSyders.mp3

CDK -The Rain CLASSIC!!!!

Get That AJ ToDa Mixtape! Gettin ToDa Money!!!

GO TO LINK Below! FCA Approved!!KnoDAt!

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