Thursday, December 16, 2010

Genrokka: An Artist you need to be looking out for!!!!!!


Genrokka is believed to be one of the illest lyricists coming out of Trenton, New Jersey. The baby faced emcee known for his song structure is about to capture the world with a movement that he calls the Reality Movement. Born in Trenton, New Jersey. Genrokka Formally known as Genera'l is a real hip hop dude. He grew up inspired by the great lyrics of Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, KRS-One, Nas , Jay Z , Biggie, Pac, and many other emcee. General has a very slick demeanor. His word play has gained him spins on local radio and radio in Atlanta and Florida. He has been featured on Many of Mix tapes(Dj Finesse, Dj Zair, Dj Plexx, Dj Kool Kid, Dj Dexterity, Dj Doo Wop, Dj Green Lanteren, Dj Sharp and also has put out his own Mix tapes and Vinyl. To the date, Genrokka is being admired by his last effort called the The Difference which has gained him respect as a true lyricist. With songs on the mix tape such as Make A Wish, Crudds, Eighty Bars of Genrokka (featured on Dj Sharp Mix tape) and Heavyweight Genrocka will fo sho make a difference. He is currently going through a transition working on "The Credit Union along side with Boom Blake (MoneyFirst front man) and his debut album titled Give U Me along with his self titled single Give U Me that he plans to release through his own company called Rare Breed Entertainment. Also Genrokka is doing some ghostwritting woking on a few projects, hip hop as well as R&B, Though being an emcee is his first love he enjoys writing songs and short films. Please don’t confused this Genera'l with another, he makes it clear to be know that he owns his name, and after listening to his music you will see that he sure as hell deserves it. Hip hop make room for the new era, I think this dude is going to be a problem. You are now rocking with the difference!! For Show Bookings, Interviews, Mixtapes, and Features hit me up at Serious Inquires Only!!

 Boom Blake, Genrokka, and AP the Mayor

Young Gifted and Black 

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